Even the smallest cavities can cause someone a large amount of pain, discomfort and distress. If left untreated, the problems often generated from these seemingly inconsequential cavities can cause a large amount of damage to your health and your smile. Some cavities are so small that they can be extremely difficult, and even impossible, to see with the naked eye.

That is where DIAGNOdent technology can help. With use of the laser scanning, DIAGNOdent technology allows us to scan your teeth in greater detail and find the smallest cavities and lesions that would otherwise be impossible to find. Even in the earliest stages of decay, we can detect them and prevent further damage that would occur.

As a preventive dental practice, this allows us at Hawkins Complete Dental Service to offer you a higher level of care, treatment and prevention. Using DIAGNOdent technology helps us give you a more thorough and comprehensive exam with no additional cost.